Resident Artists

October 2015: Jane Ronie and Elaine Reid 

Born out of a recent inter-generational project which used philosophy and free writing as a basis for the creation of a fused glass tree, Elaine and Jane are going to use the Community Out of Bounds Residency to further explore the potential outcomes of combining words and fused glass to create a form of ‘words in glass’. This will potentially involve techniques such as laser cutting words, the creation of decals and screen printing on glass. It is hoped this will culminate in a two-part workshop during which participants will create a piece of written work which will then be fused into a piece of art glass.

Community Out of Bounds Image

Jane is a self-taught fused glass artist. The flow of the glass cutter determines her designs, which are often one colour, giving focus to curved shapes and the depth and change of colour which occurs when layering glass. She enjoys pushing the boundaries and often mixes glass with other materials in order to produce new effects and develop different techniques.

Community Out Of Bounds Image ER

Elaine is a poet who is experimenting with adding visual elements to her work through Found Poetry and Erasure Poetry techniques amongst others. She also designs and facilitates Words For Wellbeing workshops. As a result, the use of writing as a therapeutic tool is a central theme of her work.



November 2015: David Somlo with support from Francesco Sani 

In this residency, London-based Hungarian performance-maker/ sound-artist/ improviser David Somló will collaborate with Aberdeen-based Italian composer/violinist Francesco Sani to discover different aspects of sound, space and performance. In the first part of the residency they will experiment with urban exploration techniques as a tool of discover/rediscover the city and to find new perceptions and create interventions. In the second part of the residency, as research for David’s new performance ‘Mandala 50’, they will experiment with the performative possibilities of moving sound sources carried around by audiences – hypnosis by 10 cassette players.

Dorota_lakaskoncert 57

David is a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist currently based in London, holding an MA in Interdisciplinary Composition at Goldsmiths College. He works with performance, sound art and improvisation. He is interested in the small, important moments of human interaction and in the exploration of the audience’s perception with a specific usage of time and performance space.

December 2015: Dominika Hadelova, Kirsty Russell and Richard Maguire 

This residency is collaboration in terms of dialogue, sharing and overlapping of thinking between three Aberdeen-based artists Dominika Hadelova, Richard Maguire and Kirsty Russell. All three artists have a printmaking background and share an interest in producing film-based outcomes. During their time at Ruthrieston they will playfully develop both individual and collective thoughts, focus on experimentation and will together explore how printmaking methodology may feed into moving image. They will also host an evening symposium.

Dominika Hadelova

Dominika is a visual artist working mainly with drawing, print and text. She is  enthusiastic about independent magazines and artist books.




Richard Maguire image

Originating from Aberdeen, Richard is a visual artist whose practice generally consists of drawings and prints. He studied at Gray’s School of Art, AVU in Prague and most recently The Royal Drawing School. His work is found in private collections, including the Royal Collection.

Kirsty Russell image

Kirsty is a visual artist based in Aberdeen. Her practice explores the notion of stability. Through print and sculptural outcomes she undermines familiar aspects of our everyday, blurring the boundaries between what is known and what is foreign. She is the co-founder and lead artist of Temporary Studio.



January 2016: Rachel Grant and Erin Donnelly 

r.grant_image1Rachel Grant is an artist and curator based in Aberdeen. Rachel takes the point of view that, with the right tools and relationships, artists working within community settings can tackle the breadth of social, political and economic issues.

Erin Donnelly is a Glasgow based artist who is interested in exploring community as a local tourist. Within her work she is inspired in how people interact with spaces, from the private to public. Her subject matter evolves from my experiences of situations she stumbles across in using the everyday as a stage.

February 2016: Lisa Gribbon and Dr Gareth Smith (Aberdeen)

The project will explore how we communicate in our chosen occupations and disciplines. Gareth, as an engineer communicates ideas and concepts through visual means in the form of tables, diagrams and models, whereas Lisa creates her own visual language in which to interpret the world. At first glance it would be purported that the artist and the engineer are diametrically opposed in the language that they use. However, we aim to find links between the two languages, using medium of drawing in its widest sense, to show that the two professions may in some way converge.


Lisa is a graduate of Duncan of Jordenstone College of Art in Dundee. An artist that specialise in printmaking. Much of her work is concerned with the land, and so she prefers to use tactile printing techniques such as etching, drypoint, collagraph and chine colle. Lisa considers all her artworks to be drawings.


Gareth has a long interest in the visual arts and regularly enjoys photography, painting and sculpture exhibitions. As an engineer who has worked in research and oil and gas projects he often sees elements of abstract art within graphs and diagrams; which are used to illustrate the computer modelling results of the analysis he performs.

March 2016: Amy Pickles and Tom Butterworth (Glasgow)

Together Amy and Tom will be evaluating their motivations and methods for involving dance and collaboration with dance artists within their own practice. Sharing a desire to undermine convention within performance by blurring roles within the performer/director dialogue, they will extend conversations out in the community through open call for performers and workshop scenarios. They will be hosting printmaking and digital projection making events to create an installation for a choreography made during the residency, and working to develop tools and processes in which they both present imagery and ideas from research in the idea of “live” performance.

Tom Butterworth creates software for live performance, making tools to enable new ways of working with video. He has a creative practice centred around themes of movement, time and error. His most recent work is Fiend, a collaboration with choreographer Tim Casson, performed at Sadler’s Wells in March 2015.

Amy Pickles_ 'Measuring A Great'_Anthony Hopwood
Photography: Anthony Hopwood

Amy Pickles is an artist living and working in Glasgow. Recent projects include Measuring a Great Performance at Nottingham Castle; a collaboration with local dance artists and screen printers Colour Hotel. Ground, exhibition in the Attic, One Thoresby St, continued these collaborations. She has recently created a public artwork for Mercy Corps UK and is devising print workshops for the Thistle Foundation next year.


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