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Listening : within the context of socially engaged arts practice

Tuesday 19 July, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Anatomy Rooms, Marischal College, Shoe Lane, AB10 1YS, Aberdeen

asWell before the enunciative act of art making, the manipulation and occupation of space and material, there must be a period of openness, of non-action, of learning and of listening‘ Grant Kester



Listening – within the context of socially engaged arts practice is a workshop led by creative project coordinator and life coach Kate Latham and artist Jonathan Baxter, will explore through practical exercises and first-hand experience some basic listening skills for artists and others working in socially engaged and community contexts. The session will cover active listening and clarification of what is being said so that artists are better able to understand the needs of participants and the skills necessary for developing genuinely collaborative and participatory art projects.







Theatre of the Oppressed: enacting social change 
A&C and CUSP (Community University collaboration for Social Progress)

Saturday 4th June, 9.30 am – 4 pm
Drama Studio, MacRobert Building, University of Aberdeen
qwDeveloped in Brazil by Augusto Boal, Theatre of the Oppressed is an arts based approach to Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed – a common root of socially engaged art practice and radical community work in Scotland. In this workshop we invite people working with communities as artists, youth workers, adult educators, community workers, or activists to come together to explore how Boal’s techniques can be a powerful tool for engagement and empowerment in communities.

Theatre of the Oppressed can animate the real problems facing individuals and communities and bring people together to explore alternative ideas of how to act to address shared concerns. This workshop will provide an opportunity to find out more about Theatre of the Oppressed and to experience some of the techniques that are relevant to a variety of community and socially engaged art practices.


Arts and Communities Programme Research Trip







Friday 26th
3.45 – 5.30pm
Adrian Sinclair – Artist and Creative Director
We will be finding our about Adrian’s workwith Heads Together and Chapel FM. Carriage Works, Heads Together
Chapel FM

Saturday 27th
10am – 11am
Claire Pope – Arts and Health Manager (NHS) Robin Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre.
The project we’ll be hearing about is called Café Lux – its delivered by the community arts organisation We Do.
Pudsey Wellbeing Centre
We Do Creativity







12 – 2pm
Emma Goodway – Artist and Senior Project Manager
We’ll be meeting Emma at the Thackray Medical Museum to talk about Space2, a community arts organisation set up to ‘redress inequality across many manifestations’. We’ll then experience the project in action as it delivers a Community Composting event. (We won’t have time to stay for the workshops but we will participate in their Composting Questioners Time.)
Thackray Medical Museum
Space 2

3 – 5.30pm
Karen Watson – Artist and Artistic Director
Elaine Barrow – Artist and Creative Education Manager
We’ll be meeting Karen and Elaine at Union 105 to hear more about the history of East Street Arts (from Karen) and their community education programme – based at Union 105 (from Elaine). East Street Arts do a huge amount of work in Leeds and further afield – they’re a good example of an artist­‐led initiative that grew legs.
East Street Arts







Sunday 28th
Rachel Mallon – Marketing Manager
We’ll be meeting at the Art Hostel, a hostel designed by and run by artists as a social enterprise to support the wider work of East Street Arts.

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