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MARCH 2016
Amy Pickles & Tom Butterworth

Film Work in progress , screened at The Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen.
Thank you to dance artists Aaron Jeffrey and Amy Longmuir, narrators Fergus Connor and Evelyn Curry, Angela Maine, Aberdeen Green School, Bon Accord Bobbins and Aberdeen Lacemakers.

Lisa Gribbon & Dr Gareth Smith  Drawn Together

Image Credits Dr Gareth Smith

Rachel Grant & Erin Donnelly   The tourist and the local

Collaborate artists in residence Erin Donnelly and Rachel Grant warmly invite you to their event ‘The tourist and the local’.

Originally from Glasgow, Erin has been using the residency to take on the role of a local tourist. Inspired by people’s interactions with public and private spaces and how the city can become a backdrop for performance. She has translated these exchanges, conversations and situations into a new series of paintings.

Taking on the role of curator for this residency, Rachel has been researching the roles between artist, community and curator. Focusing on the ethos that artists working in community settings can bridge across the realms of social, political and economic issues, she has been using this time to develop potential curatorial methods for this context; this will take the form of objects and drawings for the exhibition.


Kirsty Russell, Dominika Hadelova & Richard McGuire  I Eat You Eat Me

12322649_991057047620525_1580461723766015782_oI Eat You Eat Me will consist of a dinner of soup and homemade bread served by the resident artists who will host a conversation with three guest artists around object making, film and collaboration to their practice. The dinner will be recorded live and an installation of works in progress and research shall be displayed in situ, creating an immersive experience. This event is open to the public who are invited to join the live work and conversation around the table and are encouraged to bring some of their own spices along for the mulled wine pot.

Works of a documentary nature resulting from I Eat You Eat Me will be released after the event including films and publications for all attendees and the Community Out of Bounds archives. Influenced by Louise Bourgoise’s Sunday salon & Fluxus interventions the event attempts to temporarily revive salon and studio culture, providing all attendees the opportunity to critically engage with peers and the wider community alike.

David Somlo Interventions

David Somlo  Flaneur Interventions
David Somlo Event 1 Images
In the first part of his month long residency London based Hungarian performance maker/sound artist/improviser David Somló collaborates Aberdeen based Italian composer/violinist Francesco Sani to discover different aspects of sound, space and performance.

In this presentation they will present the outcome of their experiment with urban exploration techniques as a tool of discover/rediscover the city, to find new perceptions and create interventions focusing on sound.

After the presentation David and Francesco will play a set of free improvisation on electric guitar and violin.

David Somló  Mandala
Somlo Image Event 2In this event Collaborate Resident Artist David Somló will present a work-in-progress version of his new performance ‘Mandala’. Mandala is an experimental live art/sound performance for audience members, portable cassette players and a mandala.

“With this piece I would like to develop a performance frame which is able to stretch the roles of the audience and creates an unusual, intimate social situation. With blurring the borders of being passive, active, in and out of the performance I would like to explore the presence and perception of a participatory audience.”

Elaine Reid & Jane Ronie 

Fused Glass Workshop

Fused Glass Fundraiser FB Banner

During this course you will be guided through a variety of techniques in the art of kiln formed fused glass artwork.

You will learn:

  • Design techniques – sources of inspiration which will allow you to create your own designs
  • How to make different glass cuts: straight, curved and progressive (i.e. those shapes which due to the complexity, need more than one cut)
  • How to assemble layers of glass in order to get different design effects
  • The results of different kiln firing schedules on the outcome of the glass design

Participants will be able to make approximately 3 items during the course. These will take the form of small slumped bowls, sun catchers or wall panels.

I am tutoring this course to raise funds and promote the activities of the Community Out of Bounds Arts & Communities Project, of which I am one of 11 participating artists. This is a very exciting project which is allowing me to develop my interest in community and art, and is really encouraging me to look deeply into what it means to be an artist in the community. I consider this to be a position of privilege. All funds raised beyond costs will go back into this programme, and I hope that ultimately the benefits will be realised within the wider community of Aberdeen and beyond.

There are 8 places available on this course. Courses fees are £160 (all materials included). For further information or to book a place please email Booking will close on Monday, 11th April, 2016 at midday.

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